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Initiated by: Pertubuhan Kebajikan Amitabha


Project Title: Give Love, Give Shelter (Old Folks Home)


Target: MYR 286,677


Duration: 1 year


Contact Details: Ms. Chloe 07-2380448


Note: Tax exemption receipt will be issued by the NGO for donation RM10 and above.

A shelter is a sanctuary for the underprivileged and abandoned elderly. But now, the place they call their home is in need of repairs and renovation. Help us in our goal to enhance our residents’ sunset years with the facilities and comprehensive care that they need.

About The Organisation


From a humble old folks home that sheltered 8 elderly in 1998, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Amitabha Malaysia has evolved into one of the most dynamic charity in Malaysia.


Since 2006, we have hosted 78 elderly in 2 nursing homes, providing them free accommodation, meals and medical care. With staunch belief in service to humanity regardless of race and religious beliefs, we uphold our motto of “Help the Needy & Relieve the Distressed” and lend a helping hand to the less fortunate nationwide.




We are steadfast in our focus to shelter and provide daily necessities and assistance to the elderly. In 2017, we have taken 78 underprivileged and abandoned elderly into our care.


But one of the homes sheltering 28 elderly needs considerable work. Leaking roof, poor ventilation, lack of amenities and accessibility for wheelchair bound elderly, lack of security and facilities for physiotherapy. With your support, we want to repair, refurbish and expand to accommodate 50 more elderly and improve our 24 hours care, optimizing their comfort, convenience and safety while meeting their needs.


Who Are They?


We take underprivileged, chronically ill or abandoned elderly into our homes, rescuing those who were left in the hospital or wandering the streets. This home harbours hope for them. With better facilities, we can provide improved holistic care for their mental and physical wellbeing