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How To Contribute
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What We Care About


Money means nothing if not used for a purpose. CIMB Cares aims to provide you with that purpose.


We believe in giving all charitable organisations an equal opportunity to help those in need by removing the financial barriers they face. We do this by assisting NGOs in raising funds by providing an easy-to-use online crowdfunding portal for the public to make donations to the cause that they feel most strongly about.


CIMB Cares cares about empowering communities to move forward together. That is why we gather people who are doing good under one roof, and connect them to those who want to help.


Contribute today to make a difference for our people and our nation!

Did You Know?


The amount donated isn't a measure of one's kindness. No matter how much you gift to the campaigns or beneficiaries, your generosity would make a difference to the people in need. A giving hand, a changed life!



We believe it is important that you feel safe in making your donations to help our communities.


As such, CIMB Cares prides itself on its transparency in delivering your money to the cause that you choose.

Protection Of Personal Data

We ensure that all personal information you provide is kept private and confidential.

Charitable Purpose

Every dollar that is donated is given to the charitable cause that you choose.

100% Verified

All organisations involved are screened and verified by CIMB Cares.