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March 24th, 2017
Project Title : Patient Welfare Fund: Subsidise NKF Hardcore Poor Patients Dialysis Treatment

Target : MYR 13,000

Duration : 1 month 

About The Organisation

The National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping Malaysians suffering from end stage kidney failure who lack access to or cannot afford dialysis treatments. With our tagline ‘Giving Hope, Saving Lives’, we give subsidized dialysis treatments to more than 1,600 patients in 26 dialysis centres nationwide.

NKF also advocates preventive education, early detection and holistic care, promotes organ donations, kidney transplants and medical research into kidney diseases, and provides haemodialysis for patients suffering from end stage kidney failure.


In 2017, NKF estimated that there will be a shortfall of income in order to continue providing the dialysis treatment to our patients.  We need your help to continue helping those who cannot afford to pay their dialysis fees due to various unfortunate circumstances such as unemployment, lack of support from family members, abandonment and poverty.

Each patient has to endure 4 hours of dialysis treatment, 3 times a week or 13 times a month on average – for life.

This is why we need to raise RM 13,000 to subsidise dialysis treatment monthly (RM100 subsidy per treatment) for our patients in dire need.

Who Are They?

Every year, 7,000 people are diagnosed with kidney failure. And those who reached out to us are unable to pay for their dialysis treatment. With the larger number of patients, our centres have proven to be inadequate. Due to the insufficient space, equipment and the frequency of visits to the centre, some patients lose their jobs, leaving them in a vicious cycle of poverty. We need your help to end this. Your donation will go a long way in helping our patients live a fulfilling life.

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Puan Dzuria 03-7954 9048 (ext. 218)
Ms. Joanne Sim 03-7954 9048 (ext. 208)  

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