National Kidney Foundation Malaysia (NKF)


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March 24th, 2017
Project Title : Patient Welfare Fund: Subsidise NKF Hardcore Poor Patients Dialysis Treatment

Target : MYR 13,000

Duration : 1 month 

About The Organisation

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) of Malaysia is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping Malaysians suffering from end stage kidney failure who lack access to or cannot afford dialysis treatments.


To lead in the promotion and enhancement of kidney health and in the management and treatment of kidney disease.


To be proactive in providing education, research and advocacy on all matters relating to kidney health and responding through engagement, support and sustainable quality treatment for those suffering from kidney disease.

Currently, NKF has more than 1,700 patients receiving subsidised dialysis treatments in 28 dialysis centres nationwide. In 2021, it is estimated that there will be a shortfall of income over the expenditure of RM26.5 million which NKF needs to source in order to provide the subsidised dialysis treatment and to run the operations of the foundation in general.

Each patient has to endure 4 hours of dialysis treatment, 3 times a week or 13 times a month on average – for life. NKF subsidises RM100 per treatment which translates to RM1,300 per month or RM15,600 per year, compared to RM46,800 per year (RM300 per session) at private medical facilities. For our poor patients, even the subsidised cost at NKF means choosing between their daily basic necessities and much needed life-saving dialysis treatment as they generally come from the lower income group.

We cannot do it alone, and we desperately need your help. If you are unable to make a direct donation, then please help us by organizing various fundraising projects and activities.

Together, we can help more patients benefit from our healthcare activities. Your money helps us save lives.


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Puan Dzuria 03-7954 9048 (ext. 218)
Ms. Joanne Sim 03-7954 9048 (ext. 208)  

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