Child Information, Learning and Development Centre

About The Organisation

CHILD is funded solely from the general public and subscription of its members. The Center endeavours to optimize opportunities for the less fortunate and disadvantaged children to realize their full potential regardless of race, religion or creed.


Provide welfare and educational assistance either directly or in conjunction with existing bodies for ALL needy children and youths
Establish scholarship and/or loan funds for needy children and youths, irrespective of race, religion or creed
Train youths in vocational skills and provide the means of participating in the creation of a better and more advanced society
Organize educational programmes for the growth and development of children
Assist children to achieve their optimal potential and assist Tamil school children attain parity with National average
Build a cohesive and caring community for children and instill values of Love, Reverence and Compassion
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(+60) 3 2261 8888

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